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The Story behind StopBags™

Easter 2014 I was decorating my twin boy’s bedroom. If you’re like me the thought of decorating sends shivers down my spine especially if you’re a self-proclaimed perfectionist. The prep work beforehand can take days. Then there is of course washing out your brushes and rollers in-between coats. Washing out a thick pile/nap paint roller can take a good 40 minutes not to mention the wasted paint and effects on the environment. It’s often the case you apply a coat of paint in the evening to then have to apply another coat the following morning. Another scenario is you have started painting but need to dash off quickly as you forget your children are just about to finish school and need collecting. In both these instances a paint brush or roller would need cleaning of all paint to protect the brush or roller from drying out. I found even after being left for just a few minutes the roller or brush would form a skin and then leave remnants of dried paint all over the walls spoiling the finish which would often result in me waiting for the paint to dry, rubbing it down and painting again.

My first attempts to try to solve the problem were to use what everyone else does, the supermarket carrier bag which was not air tight as the bags have air holes and the surplus of plastic traps air resulting in pockets of dried paint which in turn stuck to the roller or brush, again spoiling the finish on my perfect walls. Next I tried cling film and what a mess that was! As with the carrier bag, extremely hard to apply with a dripping paint roller in one hand and a roll of Clingfilm in the other and the end result was exactly the same as the bag. By profession a 3d product designer I decided things needed to change, I saw an opportunity to make a low cost product that would help me and many others in the same situation. StopBags™ were born and rest as they say is history

StopBags™ are simple to use and apply in seconds whilst the roller is still attached to the handle. Simply pull the cord into the uniquely designed locking clip and squeeze the roller to remove any trapped air. The same applies for a brush. Our tests proved that the roller or brush can be stored for as long as 6 months when wet and can also be used to store a clean dry roller or brush, keeping it free from dust and dirt whist in storage.

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About StopBags™

StopBags™ are designed to store your wet or dry paint roller in between jobs when not in use. Stop bags have been designed for ease of use. When using a paint roller it may become necessary to stop what you’re doing rush off to something more important. With a paint roller head still attached to the paint roller handle simply open a stop bag and place the head of the roller within it.