StopBags™ for Paint brushes up to 3 ½“ – Pack Of 10


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StopBags™ have been designed for ease of use and to save money on replacing dried out and dusty paintbrushes.

A simple solution to an age old problem!

When using a paint brush it may become necessary to stop what you’re doing & rush off to something more important: maybe the phone is ringing or maybe it’s getting late and you don’t want to wash your paintbrush because you will be using it again the next day. The solution is simple!
Using StopBags will enable you to store your wet paintbrush for a few minutes or up to 3 months without it drying out and becoming a throw away job.

Simply open a StopBag and place the head of the paintbrush within it. Pull the cord firmly which will close the StopBag leaving an air tight seal between the paintbrush and the opening of the StopBag. Conveniently provided is a uniquely designed locking clip which when in use prevents the StopBag from becoming undone and allowing air to enter. With the cord firmly locked into the locking clip, push against the StopBag dispelling any remaining air trapped inside.

StopBags™ are a great way of storing your Paint brushes wet or dry. Using them to store dry clean rollers will prevent them from getting dusty and spoiling the finish on your next paint job.


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About StopBags™

StopBags™ are designed to store your wet or dry paint roller in between jobs when not in use. Stop bags have been designed for ease of use. When using a paint roller it may become necessary to stop what you’re doing rush off to something more important. With a paint roller head still attached to the paint roller handle simply open a stop bag and place the head of the roller within it.